Get Things Done

* pricing listed here are for example only. Your price may vary depending on the actual project.

One Week Plan
Works for website clean-up, compiling
content, and testing metrics
One Month
Plan, develop and complete
a one month project
Three Months
Plan, develop and complete
a three project
checkup, minor repairs, Google checkup
redesign, update content, Google checkup
new website
Social Media
A one week course for staff
Create a plan, rebuild platforms, set reporting
Rebuild platforms, 6 months worth of original content
Event Management
Review, advise, review budgeets
Budgets, roll out plan, site management
Complete event production
Deck outline, develop a list of possibles
Build the deck, preliminary calls to potentials, introductions
Proposal to contract
Concept development
Write, shoot and edit 3 x 2:00 web spots
Write, shoot and edit 9 x 2:00 web spots
Motion Graphics
Concept development
Create 4 x 2:00 web spots
Create 6 x 2:00 web spots